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Successful Day Trading

With the advent on-line, of state of the art spread betting platforms the popularity of day trading has greatly increased in Ireland, influenced in no small way by the fact that profits made are tax free.

The Wealthbuilder one-on-one course comprehensively focuses on 7 successful day trading strategies. These strategies are outlined and explained below. The course offering includes full direct instruction on how to quickly set up your personal day trading and technical analysis platforms.

Through the Quarterly Mentoring Programme on-going guidance, support and training is provided to “hot-house” students in the successful comprehension, application and execution of the 7 strategies. Help is only a phone call, text or email away, thus you need never trade alone again. This support can be extended as long as the client deems necessary however, there is no obligation as a full self-directed, self-development programme is provided to each student upon completion of the Wealthbuilder Course based on their back-ground, experience, time availability, personal objectives and profit goals.

Wealthbuilder’s Day Trading Strategies:

1. The Straddle Trade.

2. The Arbitrage/Confirmation Trade.

3. The Momentum Trade.

    A. Price Consolidation Break
    B. Moving Average & Bullish Engulfing Cross
    C. Moving Average & Bearish Engulfing Cross

4. The Swing/Continuation Trade.

    A. Triangle/Wedge
    B. Flag/Pennant
    C. Double Top/Bottom

5. The Bollinger Band Trade.

6. The Channel/Range Trade.

7. The Candlestick Pattern Trade.

    A. Hammer/Spinning Top
    B. Shooting Star
    C. Doji
    D. Bullish Engulfing Candlestick
    E. Bearish Engulfing Candlestick

Strategies Explained:

The Straddle Trade.
Straddle trades take advantage of major market moving news events. Once the trend is identified, following news release, the negative side of the trade is closed (or allowed to stop out) and the positive side is allowed to run until a sell candlestick or consolidation technical trigger is received or profits are banked by personal preference.

The Arbitrage Trade
The Arbitrage Trade seeks to activate trades that have a high probability of success by utilizing early bearish or bullish movement on the Wall St DBT to trade the German DAX or vice versa.

The Momentum Trade.
With the momentum strategy one aims to enter an identifiable strong trend using technical analysis trade triggers and remain in the position as long as technicals are supportive.

The Swing/Continuation Pattern Trade.
The objective of this strategy is to identify high probability swing or continuation pattern trades such as The Flag, The Pennant, Descending Triangles and Ascending Triangles

The Bollinger Band Trade
The Bollinger Band Squeeze occurs when volatility falls to low levels and the Bollinger Bands narrow. Periods of low volatility are often followed by periods of high volatility. Therefore, a volatility contraction or narrowing of the bands can foreshadow a significant advance or decline. Once the ban contraction play is identified, a subsequent band break signals the start of new tradable moves.

The Channel/Range Trade.
In the context of technical analysis, a channel is defined as the area between two parallel lines and is often taken as a measure of a trading range. The upper trend line connects price peaks (highs) or closes, and the lower trend line connects lows or closes. An example of a channel is shown below. Breakout points in channels indicate bullish (on upward trends) or bearish (on downward trends) signals.

The Candlestick Pattern Trade
Candlestick pattern trades seek to “scalp” profits through trading highly recognizable candlestick formats such as The Hammer, The Spinning Top, The Doji, The Bullish Engulfing Candlestick, The Bearish Engulfing Candlestick and The Shooting Star.

Please feel free to contact us at info@wealthbuilder.ie for more information on this exciting course or call Christopher Quigley directly on 086-8118-600

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