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Fund Management Investment Course

Course Summary

Wealthbuilder is a dynamic course on the practical technique of how to invest and trade successfully in the stock market. It covers equities, exchange traded funds, options, contracts for difference and spread betting.

To consistently invest successfully you must have a strategy. Wealthbuilder teaches three: the momentum strategy, the value strategy and the pension strategy.

The course marries fundamental analysis with technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is a critical filtering process, used to find great stocks. Technical analysis is a technique used to identify highly profitable trading points with a high success probability.

The course is suitable to individuals who wish to fast-track their training on how to become life- long successful investors/traders.

The main conceptual basis of the course is Dow Theory, the most insightful paradigm available on how to understand and profitably utilise market price action. Four case studies are comprehensively reviewed to give a real life overview of Dow Theory in action: the Tech Crash of 2000, the Iraq War Rally of 2003 the Sub-Prime Bust of 2008 and the Obama Election Rally of 2009.

A full essay on Dow Theory is available on the site's "Essays" tab

Market technical indicators are explained and students are trained how to use these indicators to "Trade Trigger" potentially high profit trades throughout the year.

For those who wish to invest in a basket of stocks, to mitigate market risk, participants are trained how to do so using six of the most popular ETFs on the market, namely: Bio-Tech (IBB), Consumer Staples (XLP), Health-Care (XLV), The Super Global Dividend Fund (SDIV), The S & P Super Dividend Fund (SDY) and the General S & P 500 Fund (SPY).

Course Fee: 600.00 Euro including all course material.

Course Duration: Normally the course presentation takes 4 hours, presented over one day, in the office or home of the client."

Executive Director:

Christopher M. Quigley B.Sc., M.A., Dip. Finance.

Mr. Quigley has a bachelor's degree in accounting & management and a M. A. from Trinity College, Dublin and also holds a Diploma in Finance from the National University of Ireland. He has developed the Wealthbuilder Investment and Mentoring system over the last two decades as a result of research, study and experience. This system marries fundamental analysis with technical analysis and focuses on momentum, value and pension strategies.

Since January 2007 Mr. Quigley has written over 200 articles which have been published on popular web sites based in California, New York, London and Dublin. He has written two books on Investment Practice and Monetary Theory respectively, both of which are available on Amazon Kindle.

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