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Wealthbuilder.ie Continuous Training Program

Program Description:
A. An annual one and a half hour training workshop/ meeting is provided to assist client-students quickly move forward on the successful application and profitable use of the Wealthbuilder.ie stock-market trading and investment strategies.

B. Investment.Trade Trigger notes for the S & P 500, Dow Industrials and the NASDAQ are provided on a weekly basis to allow the student to focus on how to trade these most popular ETFs.

C. Technical Analysis charts are provided on a weekly basis to allow clients trade the popular Wealthbuilder.ie Technical Trade Strategies using the IG markets spread betting platform. 3 - 4 such trades per year, successfully executed, can provide ample tax free income using our standard 10 Euro Wall Street DFB spread bet.

D. Full email, text and phone support is provided, as required.

Note: One cannot register for the continuous training program unless one has taken the full Wealthbuilder.ie Stock- Market Trading & Investment Day Course or our seven week evening course offered through the V.E.C. (Vocational Education Committee) in Co. Dublin and in Co. Wicklow.

Cost: €475.00

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