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Quarterly Investment Mentoring Service

1. The Quarterly Investment Mentoring Service is open to students who have taken the Wealthbuilder Stock Market Investment Course through the one-to-one tutoring method or through the night courses presented at the Institutes of Further Education in Dublin/Dunlaoghaire and Wicklow/Kildare.

2. The purpose of the Investment Mentoring Programme is to "fast-track" student's investment comprehension and knowledge so that they may quickly apply Wealthbuilder's Techniques and Strategies.

3. Full text, email and phone support is provided, during main market opening hours: (2.30PM - 8.30PM GMT). Thus if a student needs advice on how to place a trade, or open an account, or fill in an application form, or short a stock, or deal with a tax query, or manage their trading platform, a phone appointment can be made for optimum "person-to-person, desk-to-desk " support. Such appointments may be made as often as deemed necessary by the student/client.

4. Regular market analysis updates are provided with charts.

5. Regular ETF Mentoring Trade Trigger Notes are issued, via email, to train students how to actively trade and invest successfully in the 6 ETF Investment Vehicles covered in the Wealthbuilder Course; namely: (SPY): The S & P 500 ETF, (IBB): The Bio-Tech ETF, (XLV): The Health Care ETF, (XLP): The Consumer Staples ETF, (SDIV): The Global Super Dividend ETF and (SDY): The S & P Super Dividend ETF.

6. To enable these 6 ETF's to be accurately tracked, full valuation reports are provided at the end of every month, in excel format.

7. 3-4 times per year, on average, very high probability "Position Trades" come into play in the markets. When decision points are being reached on these trades students will receive Technical Analysis Notes by email. This support trains students how to identify these potentially highly profitable technical set-ups. Trades are executed through the IG Markets Spread Betting platform. Profits from such trades are tax free.

8. The Wealthbuilder Stock Market Brief, which has been published since January 2007, is provided monthly by email to students.

9. Finally, an annual two hour one-on-one meeting is provided students to train them how to objectively review their investment strategies.

Following such analysis, based on their personal investment goals, students are guided on how they may plan, execute and, if necessary, re-calibrate their investment methodology to achieve more optimum returns.

These annual meetings may also be used to assist the student/client set up their respective technical analysis and trading platforms or answer in detail any personal queries they may arise in the course of normal trading/investment activity.

Fee: Euro 250.00 per Quarter by Bank Standing Order.

Please note: Service may be canceled at any time, with no obligation and may also be extended as long as required.

To activate your personal mentoring service immediately please send an email to: cmqesquire@gmail.com.

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